Volunteer Opportunities



Volunteer Opportunities 

Reggie AND Patriots is a new group and will be in search of many Committee Leaders. Please check back here regularly as we are currently forming our Leadership Team. Once we find out what our needs are, you can expect to visit here to determine where you can become involved. 


If you currently have an Idea or contributing task you wish to spearhead, by all means, do not sit on your asperation or passion. Contact us at once and voice your idea or passion to us, and we will see how it can fit into our platform so that you can serve in the area where you are most passionate and concerned.  Your dream cannot afford to wait any longer.


Now is the time to get involved and help make the difference.







While many of us are busy with national news stories, real change is often revealed and built on the stories of the counties, cities, towns and neighborhoods.


Wanted! Community Reporters!


RA Patriots is looking for the stories in YOUR communities. They can be stories about politics, patriots doing amazing things, local issues, anything that will help us all get an idea of what is really going on out there in our world.


You don’t need to be a professional writer. We can take the information you send us and create news stories that will interest others. All we need is the 5W’s, who, what, when, where, and why.


If you want to write the story yourself that’s okay too. We can grammar and spell-check it and polish it if needed. You get the by-line.


So, go to local meetings, interview someone, attend an event, etc.

Then, take notes, write it up, and send it to jan@rapatriots.com.


We’ll post it on our web page for others to read.


It’s important that we know what’s happening in our neighborhoods, towns and cities. Who knows, maybe an idea from your area will spark a state or even national idea or cause.


When you send your article, please include your name and contact information so we can give you credit AND follow up if we have any questions.



CONTACT US VIA EMAIL: info@rapatriots.com | VOICEMAIL OR TEXT: 215-297-6001