Our Team

Reggie Little Jr.

Communications Director:

Reggie is a young father of two and loves taking care of his family and wife. He rolls around the northeastern part of the country in his 18-wheeler delivering products for many Americans. When the pandemic of 2020 hit, he was still traveling, ensuring America’s supply line continued. His wife, who is a RN, continued working as well while expecting their second child.

Reggie is a big supporter of gun rights and decided to lend his free time to grow RA Patriots in order to help protect the rights of gun owners. He spends a lot of time learning about firearms. He has mastered the skills of disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, and repairing guns, as well as influencing others about the importance of owning a firearm. He has attracted many of his friends and family members to educate themselves about their Second Amendment rights.

Reggie is a graduate of Bo Manor High School in Chesapeake City, Maryland. He spends a lot of time on days off being a Daddy Day Care for his youngsters.