Our Team

Reggie (Skyrock) Little

CEO & Founder

Reggie is a native of Orlando, Florida who made Maryland his home in 1990. After migrating from a swing state to a blue state, he noticed the difference in governance right away. This is what sparked his interest to become more familiar with politics. After being instrumental with the McCain/Pain & Romney/Ryan campaigns he was pushed to pay closer attention to the candidates and not just the party affiliation. After hearing President Trump make a speech about China ripping off the U.S. and how America didn’t manufacture anything anymore, he was hooked on Trump’s message.

Reggie's interest and curiosity became intense which drove him off the sofa to attempt to do something with impact. He sponsored two drive rallies in Cecil County Maryland, and two bus trips to D.C. in November and December 2020. On January 6th, 2021 he organized a total of 15 buses that provided transportation for many rally-goers. He is most known for organizing bus trips to Washington during the 2020 Presidential Election which led him to start a more structured political group and organization.

Reggie has a background in Internet & Multimedia. He is also skilled in radio broadcasting which has been his first love since he was nine. He worked on many stations in the late 80’s and early 90’s in Orlando, FL,Tifton, GA, and Baltimore, MD. He currently uses his skills and experience to produce a weekly Bible teaching program to help those who wish to learn about God’s Word shared with simplicity. Reggie also works a full-time job for the Federal Government. He enjoys serving patriots with the spirit of excellence. His attitude as a common man is to accomplish uncommon things together with other like-minded Patriots.

Reggie is a firm believer in the family structure and values marriage. Thus, he has a unique relationship and love for his wife and two adult children, one stepson, and four grandchildren (two boys and two girls). With them in mind, he is committed to fighting for the future of the next generation.